Finding a Common Ground

Be liberal on understanding, but conservative on judgement.

With the presidential election less than a week away, now is a good time to reflect on ways to be more understanding even if you cannot understand the other person’s side. I find myself trying NOT to exercise my point of view when discussing politics with friends or family. One of my best friends and I fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum. The fact that I still love this person for the person that she is regardless that I cannot understand how she can support her candidate is a good way to let go of your fears and frustrations and accept someone for who they are. Not what or who they believe in.

Try to look at someone you disagree with and find a common thread, something you can both agree upon. From this one step you can open up to listening to the other’s thoughts and ideas. You have the right to not share their beliefs. But if you can look beyond your differences and agree to accept that person for who they are, regardless of your lack of harmony, this is where change begins.

I honestly feel if we all could listen more we could all learn from each other and find that we really aren’t as far apart from one another.

Each of us can do our part in bringing more unity into our daily lives as well as the world we live in. I invite you to find that common ground and take a step towards acceptance and understanding.


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